Sarah Gaer Speaking

Are you looking for a mental health public speaker with a perfect combination of clinical knowledge, professional experience, lived experience, humor and hope?

Sarah will gently weave clinical knowledge with storytelling to inspire your audience with understanding, compassion and a call to action. She is known for her ability to balance serious topics with laughter and has been described as mesmerizing and compelling.

What to expect:

  • Keynotes balanced with clinical knowledge, storytelling and hope.
  • Presentations to fit your audience (youth, adults, parents, educators, public safety)
  • Engagement and inspiration


  • Three Lies Adults Tell Kids and Why You Can’t Believe Them
  • Growing up in Special Education: The Self Fulfilling Prophecy
  • Soul Exhaustion: Beyond the Medical Model
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: From In House Suspension to Master’s Degree
  • No, I am not ok: Adolescent Suicide Loss and Grief
  • The Price: Puzzle Pieces of Suicide (Book)
  • Amazing Grace Children’s Series (Books)
  • And others upon request


  • QPR Train the Trainers (8 hour training)
  • QPR Training (1-3 hour training)
  • Soul Exhaustion (1-2 hour training)

Author, Speaker, Thought Leader