Mistake? Nope. Just Learning.

A deep thought:

I’ve made a lot of “mistakes” (not at all bragging) in my life, yet I don’t really regret any of them. I’ve had friends that people warned me against. Those friendships taught me about who I want to be, what I am capable of standing up to, the depths of my loyalty and the dangers of passing judgment. They taught me about loss and joy.

I chose a stressful and sometimes painful career path with horrible pay (welcome to the world of public service). My job has taught me to be grateful for my life, my friends and my family. It has taught me to not take the basics for granted and the difference a kind word or gentle hug can make.

I have been involved in social advocacy that often times make me feel discouraged. It has also taught me how many amazing people are out there and the difference we all can make. It has taught me to think critically and to challenge my own beliefs. Perhaps most importantly, it has taught me that when people join together, their voices can be heard.

I have been very public about my life and my beliefs and at times criticized for it. This has taught me that sometimes people you think are on your team are not and sometimes people you wouldn’t have guessed were, are. It has taught me that there is a price to pay when standing up for what you believe in but that the liberation of being who you are and accepting others’ responses is worth it.

I have learned that there are very few mistakes we make that cannot become learning experiences. I have learned that standing by my principles has made me a person I am comfortable with and most days proud of. I have learned that in order to truly be loyal to others, we must start with ourselves.

Be well. Be Brave.

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